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Pest ID and Monitoring

      • Learn how to identify beneficial insects versus pests
      • Learn microscope techniques for pest monitoring
      • Learn monitoring methods for recording pest observations
      • Learn pest management planning
      • Implement an effective pest management plan on your farm

Integrated Pest Management Basics

      • Use biology to combat pathology
      • Use beneficial insects to combat pests
      • Learn monitoring methods for effective recording keeping
      • Learn pest management planning
      • Compare costs of IPM with “traditional” methods
      • Save up to 30% on labor and pesticide costs

Compost Tea

      • How to set up, brew, and use your own compost tea
      • Learn your beneficial biology to determine quality (good guys vs bad guys)
      • Learn how to use your microscope to determine when tea is ready

Integrated Pest Management + Workbook

Let DBS Soil Scientists facilitate a process to help YOU create your IPM plan.
  • Nationally certified soil scientists on hand to work with you.
  • In depth discussion of pesticide regulations and state reporting requirements.
  • Plans reviewed and signed by our Licensed Pest Control Advisor.
  • Your finished IPM Report will be part of your State Cultivation Plan for licensing AND be  a comprehensive foundation for developing your IPM operating procedures.
  • Workbook includes: IPM Monitoring sheet, Photos to identify pests & Beneficial Insects, IPM Strategies by Pest/Pathology & MUCH MORE.
DIY Monitoring – Soil Fertility 101
      • How to use pH & EC meters to understand what’s going on in your soil
      • How to read your soil test and what to do next
      • Mixing and watering in amendments
      • Amendment release rates
      • Learn best practices for keeping records  

Event Posts

Transition Time Free Workshop Flyer

Learn techniques to optimize your crop as it moves into bloom. NHS and Dirty Business Soil will be hosting a FREE workshop, featuring representatives from House & Garden Nutrients & Dirty Business Soil.

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