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Pest ID and Monitoring

      • Learn how to identify beneficial insects versus pests
      • Learn microscope techniques for pest monitoring
      • Learn monitoring methods for recording pest observations
      • Learn pest management planning
      • Implement an effective pest management plan on your farm

Integrated Pest Management Basics

      • Use biology to combat pathology
      • Use beneficial insects to combat pests
      • Learn monitoring methods for effective recording keeping
      • Learn pest management planning
      • Compare costs of IPM with “traditional” methods
      • Save up to 30% on labor and pesticide costs

Compost Tea

      • How to set up, brew, and use your own compost tea
      • Learn your beneficial biology to determine quality (good guys vs bad guys)
      • Learn how to use your microscope to determine when tea is ready

Integrated Pest Management + Workbook

Let DBS Soil Scientists facilitate a process to help YOU create your IPM plan.
  • Nationally certified soil scientists on hand to work with you.
  • In depth discussion of pesticide regulations and state reporting requirements.
  • Plans reviewed and signed by our Licensed Pest Control Advisor.
  • Your finished IPM Report will be part of your State Cultivation Plan for licensing AND be  a comprehensive foundation for developing your IPM operating procedures.
  • Workbook includes: IPM Monitoring sheet, Photos to identify pests & Beneficial Insects, IPM Strategies by Pest/Pathology & MUCH MORE.
DIY Monitoring – Soil Fertility 101
      • How to use pH & EC meters to understand what’s going on in your soil
      • How to read your soil test and what to do next
      • Mixing and watering in amendments
      • Amendment release rates
      • Learn best practices for keeping records  

Event Posts

Learn techniques to optimize your crop as it moves into bloom. NHS and Dirty Business Soil will be hosting a FREE workshop, featuring representatives from House & Garden Nutrients & Dirty Business Soil.