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Why We’re Unique

The two main proficiency testing programs that exist for agriculture laboratories are:

  • North American Proficiency Testing Program (NAPT)
  • Agriculture Laboratory Proficiency (ALP)

Dirty Business Soil participates in the ALP three times a year to get our annual certification. ALP is a certified proficiency testing program through ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board / ANAB, which is a National Accreditation Board that abides by International Standards (ISO certification processes; https://www.anab.org/about-anab).

Minnesota Dept of Agriculture

Here’s what sets Dirty Business apart from other competitive soil labs:

We are the ONLY lab certified by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture in California.

Agriculture Laboratory Proficiency sends our results to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) where they provide us with their Soil Testing Certification. The MDA is one of the only agricultural agencies that will certify accuracy of lab results based on our proficiency program.

Through our Quality Control Program in house, we use ALP samples as Standard Reference Materials to check our work and make sure our data is accurate.


For the record, this past year (2018) has been the most accurate and reliable data the lab at DBS has ever produced. Also, DBS lab has officially passed ALP testing for 2019.

Our methods are honed to reflect the type of soils that Cannabis farmers utilize: native soil, potting media, and everything in-between! We know how to test your soil to get results that are meaningful. Few other labs are tailored towards testing soils used in Cannabis cultivation, including mineral soil and potting media hybrids. DBS lab’s accurate soil testing allows our Nationally Certified Soil Scientists to provide concise cultivation guidelines and amendment recipes, helping farmers to increase yields while decreasing costs.