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How it Works

Submitting Samples for Testing

First, you must select which type of test you wish to preform. If you have no idea where to start, please contact us so we can figure out what tests will be more helpful to you and your farm. We offer Agriculture Soil and Water testing, as well as plant tissue testing to determine nutrient uptake, plant pathology testing for nutrient deficiencies and infection. We also offer Pest Identification for when you just can’t figure out what you have, or you want a professional second opinion to your cultivator’s best guess. 

Fill out the Order Form

When you’re ready to submit samples, print & fill out our Order Form.  The order form is double sided to save paper, so don’t forget to choose ‘both sides’ when printing. Please be sure to fill out the form completely, including all of the following things:

  • Label your sample, and use the SAME NAME on the paperwork.
  • Choose which test you’d like for each sample with an X or checkmark. 
  • Don’t forget to sign the form on the back!

Follow the Sampling Instructions

Click on the images below to be shown detailed sampling instructions, which is the only way to provide the best, most accurate results. Each link below will open a PDF with simple to follow, step by step instructions on taking scientific samples. 

Pay for the Test

For all SOIL and WATER tests, visit the Imperial Analytics website

For all Pest and Disease diagnostics, call 707-633-8885 and leave a message. Or submit an online request and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

We require receipt of payment before testing or services begin. In order to give you the most accurate and timely results for Pathology and Pest ID, we do not accept these samples on Thursdays or Fridays due to lack of sample viability for over-the-weekend storage. We apologize for any inconvenience.

All Sales are Final, No Refunds. Credits can be applied to your account for DBS Services.

Get your Results

After the tests are complete, we will contact you using the method you gave us on the Order Form and let you know the results are in. If you provide an email address, we  will email you the results in a PDF. If you need help understanding your test results, use the links below or give us a call and schedule a consulting meeting. 

Looking for Consulting Services?

Avoid crop loss and save money with our confidential expert guidance on amendments and farm management. Put your soil test results into practice while minimizing pests and disease. We help you with the science of agriculture so that you can focus on being a farmer.

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