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About Us

Cannabis leaf under a microscope

Who Is Dirty Business?

Dirty Business Soil Consulting & Analysis (DBS) is a certified laboratory dedicated to providing premium agricultural testing and consulting services to the Northern California region and beyond. Our goal is to provide knowledge to help build healthy self-reliant communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect Earth and its natural resources through scientific analyses and implementation of regenerative agronomic practices. By helping people and businesses care for their soil and water resources, we can assist in building resilient communities.

Our Vision

DBS believes that building healthy soil will help heal the planet.

Healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy people, healthy planet.

Through science and regenerative farming practices we can rebuild our soil resources

and reclaim connection with the ecological systems that keep all organisms and our planet healthy.

The DBS Team


Sarah Schuette: Certified Professional Soil Scientist

Meet Sarah, Certified Professional Soil Scientist and Co-Owner of DBS. She hails from Saint Paul, Minnesota and is one of thirteen. Sarah graduated from Humboldt State with a degree in Soil Science (minoring in Botany & GIS). This mathematician and chemist is dedicated to helping farmers grow healthy, sustainable crops and uses her skills in her own garden. When she’s not working in the lab or gardening, Sarah may be found making clean cannabis medicine, twirling in aerial silks, or hula hooping. She has a hidden talent of wiggling her ears (shh, don’t tell). “Soil and water are the foundation of life on this planet, without which none of us would be here.”

Joanna Berg: Certified Professional Soil Scientist

Meet Joanna, Certified Professional Soil Scientist and Co-Owner of DBS. Joanna is from Minneapolis, Minnesota and graduated from Humboldt State with a degree in Soil Science (minor in Watershed Management). Her passion to improve access to scientific and professional agriculture in the cannabis industry comes from years of working in the business. When she’s not hanging with her most adorable little boy, or walking her dog, Joanna may be jamming some West African percussion. Few know she plays some mean spoons (no joke). “Soil is life – know soil, know life. No soil, no life.”