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Contact DBS for pest and disease diagnosis, nutrient management services, and heavy metal management, SOP development, data management and record keeping, operational efficiency and project management.

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This season we have not needed liquids on our plants we attribute that to the strong compost teas and the amazing nutrient management plan. Can’t have one without the other. It’s the trifecta. First need food in the soil. Bringing the soil to life with compost tea and have right equipment brew and apply the teas."
Craig Johnson
Alpenglow Farms
“Dirty Business Soil (DBS) has emerged as the premier soil consulting entity in Humboldt County. Joanna and Sarah are an invaluable asset to those they serve, and a pleasure to work with. If you are in need of real, valuable, professional insight into your soil's needs, DBS is the clear choice.”
Michael Beck
Royal Gold
"DBS provides an incredible service to the community which helps growers save money on unnecessary plant nutrients, which in turn decreases nutrient loading into our ecosystem. The team is dedicated to sharing their valuable knowledge through consultations and attending community and industry events. They clearly love what they do. I could go on…”
Mike Hoffman
FLRish Farms
“ DBS testing took all the guess work out of what our soil needed. We had a lot of hypotheses of what was wrong but the tests confirmed what we needed to know. I have nothing but the best to say for Sarah at DBS. I credit their soil analysis in 2015 a huge component in our top 10 placement in the emerald cup - I’d love to get my soil tested with them again.”
Leo Stone
Aficionado Seeds