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Consulting Services

Nutrient Management Plans

Increase yields, save the environment, and protect yourself from pests and disease with crop management plans from Dirty Business Soil. We help make sure that you’re prepared for every eventuality by managing the science so you can focus on being a farmer.

Lab report on work bench

Nutrient Management Plan               

  • Nutrient Management plans are $300 per recipe and must be based on a soil test.
  • Multiple recipes may be needed for multiple soil test results. This will be determined at the time of your appointment and charged prior to beginning the recipes.
  • Get your soil tested with Imperial Analytics.
  • Be sure to indicate, DBS as your “third party” on the sample order form, in order to have results sent to us for recipe creation.
  • Book yourself for an NMP intake appointment by  clicking the button below.
  • Soil test results must be completed prior to the appointment, you will want to schedule your appointment with sample turn around time in mind.  Usually 7-10 days from the date you submitted your sample.
  • You may take your recipe to your supplier of choice for order fulfilment. 

Consulting Service Retainer Options

Our professional expertise will serve you through project based support. If you would like to engage DBS in a project with your cannabis or agricultural business, please contact us and share more about your goals. 

Consulting Capabilities and Service Options

  • SOP and project management database development
  • Workflow and process mapping 
  • Data driven farm management 
  • Farm operational efficiency
  • Heavy metal contamination management 
  • IPM plan development and implementation
  • Soil biology and living soil development
  • Soil fertility and nutrient management
  • Pest and Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

Site Assessments

Let DBS come to you! We put our professional eye on your cultivation site, and use our expertise to help you streamline your processes and improve your farm management through the lens of a Professional Agricultural Consultant.

Single Day Site visit

  • We will put our professional eye on your operation to create solutions to your production challenges.
  • We will provide recommendations for improvement so that you may streamline your production practices.
  • $1,000/day plus $100/hr each way for travel.
  • Extra services available upon request or recommendation

We Provide the RIGHT Answer!

We all face challenges on the farm, whether it be communications, data management, or crop performance issues. Implement long term solutions to increase profitability and decrease operational challenges. Tell us your pain points and we will work together to come up with the appropriate solution for your business.