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Consulting Services & Pricing

DBS Consulting Services & Pricing

Avoid crop loss and save money with our confidential expert guidance on the best farm management and practices.

Nutrient Management Plan  $200

Give your plants the nutrition they need.

  • We create a custom amendment blend recipe based on your soil test results with a specialized application rate for your farm’s needs.
  • This is a must-have before planting begins, or can be used to maintain adequate nutrition throughout the season.

Integrated Pest Management Plan  $300

Develop a long term holistic approach to prevent pests and diseases from attacking your crop.

  • Work with a Licensed Pest Control Advisor
  • Learn about IPM practices to protect your plants from contamination or testing dirty.
  • Receive a list of approved products and determine how to read labels .
  • Meets State CalCannabis reporting requirements.

Beneficial Insect Schedule  $300

Use beneficial predators to reduce or eliminate pesticide use!

  •  Use beneficial insects, companion plants, and monitoring practices to reduce pesticide use.
  • Preventative schedule is customized to your climate, growing conditions, and pest pressures.
  • Targeted beneficial insects for specific pest outbreaks.
  • Control pests without pesticides.

Winterization Plan  $300

Don’t dump your soil! Improve it to save money and ensure a successful season next year.

  • Soil test – to assess nutrients and organic matter at the end of your cycle.
  • Mini Nutrient Management Plan – custom amendment recipe to condition your soil during the winter months. This maintains a living soil throughout the winter and reduces your fertilizer cost and workload in the Spring. Optimize growth & minimize fertilizer and labor cost next season.
  • Beneficial insect recommendation to scavenge for larvae and eggs that may be overwintering in your soil.
  • Cover Crop seed application rate to break the pest cycle, maintain a living root system, and retain nutrients for the spring.
  • Compost tea kit and instructions for a 50-gallon brew to encourage beneficial biology during the winter months.

Cultivation Plan – prices vary with farm sizes and needs.

Farm efficiency, Standard Operating Procedures, Safety Data Sheets are ALL REQUIRED for licensing.


  • Work with your compliance consultant to help with operations planning
  • Design a farm plan streamlining: equipment and stations set-up, create sitemaps
  • Create protocols and standard operating procedures (SOP) for your farm practices
  • Compile Safety Data Sheets for materials required by new regulation

Farm Planning: Seasonal Scope of Work

  • Seasonal Scope of Work Assessments are FREE!
  • Plan for your year ahead by sitting down with a DBS consultant to develop a Scope of Work unique to YOUR goals and needs.
  • Our farm plans help to improve your biological and nutrient management, as well as assisting to reduce risk of pests/diseases.
  • We help you to DEFINE and FOCUS your farming efforts, so you can farm more effectively.
  • Plan for costs up front to budget your season accordingly.
  • Our software-based project management tools will keep you on track with your farm plan all year long, as well as track data needed for state cultivation monitoring and reporting requirements.

      “An ounce of prevention is worth more pounds to cure!”

      ~ Sarah Schuette, Co-Owner