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Consulting Services & Pricing

DBS Consulting Services & Pricing

Avoid crop loss and save money with our confidential expert guidance on the best farm management and practices.

Nutrient Management Plan  $300

Give your plants the nutrition they need.

  • We create a custom amendment blend recipe based on your soil test results with a specialized application rate for your farm’s needs.
  • This is a must-have before planting begins, or can be used to maintain adequate nutrition throughout the season.

Pest/Disease Diagnosis  $450

Don’t know what’s affecting your plants? Bring in your tissue, photos, and story and we will help detect the culprit.

  • Client interview to gather information
  • Plant dissection and microscopic inspection
  • Photo and video review

Farm efficiency, Standard Operating Procedures, Safety Data Sheets are ALL REQUIRED for licensing.

1-on-1 Consulting Appointment $300/hr

  • Book and pay online
  • 1-hr minimum @ $300/hr
  • Get a recording of the consultation if conducted on Zoom
  • Upload supporting photos and documents for consultant to review prior to appointment.

DBS Special Projects: prices vary with farm sizes and needs.

  • Create protocols and standard operating procedures (SOP) for your farm practices
  • Compile Safety Data Sheets for materials required by new regulation
  • Integrated Pest Management Implementation
  • Beneficial Insect Sourcing
  • Clean soil and amendment sourcing
  • Nutrient Management and data tracking
  • Develop a database for efficient data collection and farm management
  • We help you to DEFINE and FOCUS your farming efforts, so you can farm more effectively.
  • Plan for costs up front to budget your season accordingly.
  • Our software-based project management tools will keep you on track with your farm plan all year long, as well as track data needed for state cultivation monitoring and reporting requirements.

      “An ounce of prevention is worth more pounds to cure!”

      ~ Sarah Schuette, Co-Owner