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Turn Your Season Around With Dirty Business Soil

“Having science behind your intuition has proven profitable. Working with Dirty Business Soil is smooth in every way. DBS service is exemplary. The scientists are super responsive, they came on site in timely fashion and turned around my season.” ~ Zach Whyman, Rambling Rose Farms & Founding Member – True Humboldt & Humboldt Sun Growers Guild

DBS Premier Soil Testing and Consulting in Humboldt County

“Dirty Business Soil (DBS) has emerged as the premier soil testing and consulting entity in Humboldt County, servicing the entire emerald triangle. Their prompt, accurate, and consistent testing protocol gives us the tools we need to cross check our own testing and ensure a quality product.”
~ Michael Beck, Sales Manager – Royal Gold

Save on Soil Nutrients With Dirty Business Soil (DBS)

“Guessing about unnecessary and expensive nutrients costs a farmer thousands of dollars per guess. Doing business with DBS (Dirty Business Soil) has given me a 60-75% nutrient cost savings. Think of it this way – a preventative $250.00 test saves me $3000.00 dollars worth of nutrients, it’s a very cheap insurance policy.” ~ Ziggy, Expert Grower & Production Manager, Casa Humboldt

Expand Your Knowledge as a Grower With Dirty Business Soil

The Dirty Business Soil experience helped to better my understanding of plant nutrition and the soil food web. I was able to expand my knowledge as a grower and save money by developing nutrient delivery programs based on soil results. ~ Mike Hoffman, Cultivation Manager – FLRish Farms

Dirty Business Soil And the Emerald Cup

Dirty Business Soil testing took all the guess work out of what our soil needed. I credit their soil analysis in 2015 a huge component in our top 10 placement in the Emerald Cup.” ~ Leo Stone – CEO, Aficionado seeds