Soil Technical & Regulatory Services

Soil Technical & Regulatory Services

Avoid crop loss and save money with our confidential expert guidance on amendments and farm management. Put your soil test results into practice while minimizing pests and disease. We help you with the science of agriculture so that you can focus on being a farmer.

Site Visits

Let DBS come to you. We will put our professional eye on your cultivation site to help streamline your processes and improve farm management through the lens of a Professional Agricultural Consultant.

Soil Mapping

Get a map of your soil and water resources.
-Wetland Delineations
-Prime Ag Soil Assessment
-Soil Resource Maps
-Nutrient Management Plans mapped to your farm’s physical structure. 

Farming Consultation

Whether you are a veteran or a first time farmer, we can help you reach your goals.

Organic and Sustainable Agriculture

We’ll help you make the transition away from toxic chemicals and toward more natural and regenerative practices. Learn to reduce your impact on the environment without reducing yields. Tread lightly on the land so that it can be used for future generations.

Avoid Losing Your Crop to Pests and Disease with Holistic Management Practices

Manage Pests
Using our Pest Identification service, we can help you develop an Integrated Pest Management Plan. Avoid failure due to insects eating your plants while stopping the use of toxic pesticides. Be proactive instead of reactive.

Manage Disease
Our pathology services identify fungal, bacterial, and viral pathogens that threaten your yields. Once identified, we can help you make a plan to deal with them without applying harmful fungicides.

Beneficial Biological Management

Curious about your total available vs. active bacteria, fungi, protozoans and nematodes? We can give you a professional opinion on how to boost your beneficial biologicals and keep your system in balance to reduce chances of crop sickness and deficiency. Save money and resources providing your soil with the organisms that naturally makes it thrive.

Reuse Your Soil

Learn how to rebuild what you’ve already cultivated. All it takes is a little know how to prevent waste and promote sustainability.

Workshops and Educational Services

Would you like help learning to create your own high quality compost tea recipe, monitoring your pH and EC for the entire growing season, using your microscope properly or understanding pest and pathogen management more thoroughly? We offer classes to help you prepare for anything that comes your way! Contact us today.

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