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10 Reasons to use DBS Lab

10 Reasons to use DBS Lab


1. We have nationally certified soil scientists on our team.  Our scientists are nationally certified by the Soil Science Society of America.

2. Specialized soil, tissue and water testing for cannabis growers within the Pacific Northwest Region.  DBS understands horticultural testing and utilizes unique methodologies to provide more meaningful results.  Accurate, focused testing provides better results for cannabis farmers.

3. Specialized in cannabis crop management by utilizing our specific expertise and techniques.  The industry is moving fast and margins are shrinking even faster. Crop-specific focus yields the productivity that is key to staying competitive in this changing market.

4. Speed – Our in-house lab turn-around-time is much faster than other labs and we produce better results.  If you are in even more of a hurry, ask about our rush options. We understand that time is of the essence.

5. FREE comparative review of your soil, tissue and water results by a certified professional.       

6. Report comments tailored to client concerns regarding toxicities, deficiencies, and nutrient management.  Our experience and ability to solve cannabis farm related issues is unsurpassed.

7. DBS Lab is third party certified by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture for accuracy and proficiency.  Be sure to inquire about certifications of any laboratory you are thinking of using. Third party certifications are a must when your entire business is at stake.

8. Superior expertise in soil science, cannabis cultivation, agriculture, and analytical testing.  Few individuals have this very specific confluence of experience. When you work with DBS you can rest assured that our team understands ALL aspects of the industry and region in which you operate.

9. 100% Women Owned Business.                                                                                                             

10. DBS is Worldwide.  Our extensive experience of cultivation in the Pacific Northwest region and its soils, climate and environment can be directly related and calibrated to your region too!