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Scientific Solutions for commercial cannabis farms

Dirty Business Soil Consulting & Analysis (DBS) is to providing premium agricultural testing and consulting services to the Northern California region and beyond. We provide knowledge to help build healthy self-reliant communities.

From Seed To Harvest


Check in with your soil! Save money and time by taking the guesswork out of amending.


Set up a consultation to review your results, ask questions, and troubleshoot issues


Receive solutions and implement them on your farm!


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“Having science behind your intuition has proven profitable. Working with DBS is smooth in every way. A couple of gardens were on their way out and I was able to get something instead of nothing. They offer a plan and a back up plan which makes it all so easy.”
Zach Whyman
Rambling Rose Farms & Founding Member – True Humboldt & Humboldt Sun Growers Guild

Scientific Solutions

Want to know what’s killing your crop? Having a happy balance in your see is the key to success. We find and address issues with pathogens, heavy metals,  and pesticides. Find out what is harming your plants, and get the problem solved.

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Put your lab test results into action while minimizing pests and diseases. Get questions answered so you can plan ahead.

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Shop Royal Gold Soil and Dry Amended Blends, beneficial insects and more!

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