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Scientific Solutions for Commercial Cannabis Operations

Dirty Business Soil's private retainer based services empower agricultural and cannabis business owners with the tools for success through transformative business development and science based solutions.

Decrease Operational Challenges,
Increase Profitability

Want fertilizer recommendations and application rates? Get high, quality ingredients, and cost effective nutrient management solutions.

Need more optics on your farm operations? Get insight and control over costs, inputs, labor efficiency and profit margin improvement.

Are you getting a good return on your investment? Know where to best allocate your funds, cheaper does not equal cost effective. 

Pest and disease issues, reduced yields, or all out crop failure? Get accurate diagnosis and treatment options.

Heavy Metal Contamination? Determine the source of heavy metal
contamination and manage your resources to grow the highest quality
cannabis to pass regulatory standards.

Ready to get started on your success story? Contact us today to see if our retainer service are right for your project.

Nutrient Managemenet Plans

Follow these 3 easy steps to get a custom amendment blend:

1. Get soil nutrient test from Imperial Analytics

2. Schedule an NMP intake phone appointment and a webform will be emailed

3. Submit production specs through our webform prior to intake appointment

4. DBS will call you at your scheduled appointment time


Check in with your soil! Save money and time by taking the guesswork out of amending.


Set up a consultation to review your results, ask questions, and troubleshoot issues


Receive solutions and implement them on your farm!


Learn More about us, our services, and DIY gardening.

Scientific Solutions

Want to know what’s killing your crop? Having a happy balance in your see is the key to success. We find and address issues with pathogens, heavy metals,  and pesticides. Find out what is harming your plants, and get the problem solved.

Cannabis leaf under a microscope

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